Many consider the mouth as the most sensual part of the face.  Since ancient times, women have been decorating their lips to make themselves more attractive.  In so doing, they risked their health and often died from the poisonous ingredients widely used, including arsenic, lead, mercury and highly toxic bromine mannite mixed with iodine, a combination that created a deep purple shade later known as the “kiss of death.”

With the advent of tested and regulated cosmetics, we no longer have to concoct homemade cosmetics without regard for their potential side effects.

With introduction of the Supermodel, women turned to fashion as the main source of their inspiration with models and makeup artists becoming celebrities.  We have, therefore, chosen to follow today’s trends where lip enhancement without injection is becoming extremely popular.  We are dedicated to bringing you some of the most popular products, along with information and tips.  Lipstick is now more popular than ever, so enjoy making yourself look your best!


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